Open hours

Shopping mall
Monday – Saturday
09:00 am – 09:00 pm

PKO Bank Polski
Monday – Friday
09:00 am – 05:00 pm

Monday – Saturday
9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Non-trade sundays
Shopping mall – closed
Multikino – according to repertoire
Grycan 12:00  pm – 07:00 pm
KFC 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Lodomania 12:00 pm – 07:00 pm


Focus Park

Bolesława Chrobrego 1
44-200 Rybnik
tel.: 32 755 55 00

Out of concern for the safety and well-being of the customers of the Centre, we kindly ask you to comply with the following provisions contained in these regulations, which apply throughout the entire Focus Park Shopping Centre.

  1. The Shopping Center can only be used during its opening hours indicated on the entrances and available on the website
  2. It is forbidden to stay on the premises of the Shopping Center for persons visiting the facility for purposes other than those resulting from its purpose, including persons behaving in breach of the law or disturbing the peace of other visitors to the Shopping Centre.
  3. Under no circumstances is any activity that may be considered dangerous, unhygienic, harmful or that may disturb other people visiting the Shopping Centre.
  4. Persons who, under the law or contract, are obliged to supervise them are responsible for the safety of minors in the Shopping Centre.
  5. It is forbidden to enter the Shopping Center with items that may pose a threat to human life or health, or the storage or possession of which is prohibited by law.
  6. In the Shopping Centre, it is not allowed to smoke tobacco products and consume alcoholic beverages, except in places designated for this purpose and specially marked. It is forbidden to take any narcotics on the premises of the Centre.
  7. It is forbidden to photograph and film the facility without the consent of the Shopping Center Management, with the exception of photos or videos intended for private use.
  8. Distribution of advertising materials, organization of promotional activities, placing posters and conducting surveys without the written consent of the Management of the Shopping Center is prohibited.
  9. It is forbidden to conduct activities contrary to decency or threatening public order, in particular organizing assemblies, manifestations, political or religious agitation, displaying goods for sale, door-to-door trade, meetings, solicitations, artistic performances, including music, conducting charity events, etc. ., in the external and internal premises of the Shopping Centre, without the written consent of the Management of the Shopping Centre.
  10. In the Shopping Centre, it is forbidden to ride, in particular, rollerblades, inline skates, skateboards, scooters and bicycles.
  11. It is forbidden to use escalators and elevators contrary to their intended purpose, in particular running on escalators, going “upstream”, moving on inactive stairways.
  12. CH Focus Park is pet friendly. It is allowed to bring pets into the CH Focus Park, ensuring protection against the threat or nuisance of these animals to other people, animals or property, e.g. by:
    a) taking care of them in a way that excludes a threat to safety or a nuisance for animals and people;
    b) immediate removal of pollution caused by animals from the area of CH Focus Park;
    c) keeping a dog on a leash or keeping it on your hands, and an aggressive dog or a breed considered aggressive or a dog resulting from crossing this breed – on a leash and with a muzzle;
    d) keeping animals only under the care of persons who guarantee the control of the animal at the time of annoyance.
  13. It is forbidden to leave animals unattended and cared for.
  14. When introducing pets to the area of CH Focus Park, the owner or lessee should ensure constant, direct control and supervision over them.
  15. The only person responsible for the supervision of the animal and the damage caused by the animal is its owner or, respectively, if the dog stays in CH Focus Park with a person other than the owner, its actual guardian. The owner of CH Focus Park or the manager do not supervise the animal under any circumstances.
  16. The owner/guardian of the animal is obliged to comply with any comments of the staff or management of CH Focus Park.
  17. The owner is responsible for all damage, destruction and dirt caused by the animal.
  18. The issue of introducing animals to individual premises is regulated individually by tenants.
  19. Within the Shopping Center, waste segregation is in force: paper, metals, plastics, glass, and bio-waste.
  20. It is forbidden to destroy, damage or make unusable the devices located in the Shopping Centre, including in particular devices installed in public areas such as toilets, sanitary rooms, passages, etc.
  21. The trays are intended for use only in the restaurant area, it is forbidden to take the trays outside the indicated zone.
  22. It is forbidden to beg and solicit on the premises of the Shopping Centre.
  23. All items found in the Shopping Center must be immediately handed over to the Center Administration Office.
  24. Sitting is allowed only on benches intended for this purpose, located in public places intended for this purpose.
  25. It is forbidden to use open fire, bring weapons into the Shopping Centre, in particular firearms and flammable and explosive materials.
  26. It is forbidden to emit noises and unpleasant smells.
  27. The center is monitored by video cameras.
  28. Entering the premises of the Center means consent to all provisions of these Regulations.
  29. Legal consequences will be drawn against persons who violate these Regulations.
  30. Persons who violate the above provisions are obliged to leave the premises of the Shopping Centre
  31. All Customers and employees of the Focus Park Shopping Center are kindly asked to comply with the provisions of these Regulations and other recommendations of the Director of the Shopping Center.


Apsys Polska S.A
Manager of the Focus Park Shopping Center
Center management

Re­­gu­­lations in .pdf version you’ll find here.

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